Online Minesweeper Rules :

The purpose of the different games of the online Minesweeper is simple. You have to discover all the free squares without exploding the mines in the grid. icon-mine

To uncover a square, left-click (normal click) on one of the squares on the grid. case-minesweeper

By clicking on a box, you can see the number of mines in the neighbouring boxes (maximum 8) that surround it to the left or right, up or down, or diagonally. Be careful, some squares hide a bomb and other squares do not.


You can use the numbers to free up other boxes. In this example, the "2" at the bottom left is a guess that there are two nearby mines surrounding it.

Once the flag is placed, potentially (or surely) hiding a bomb, you can guess that there are no mines in the marked places, since the "1's" at the bottom right already have a mine on the neighbouring squares. You can therefore left-click (normal click) on these two squares.


With the different games of the online de-miner (best known Windows), you can choose between three standard playgrounds with different levels of difficulty.

-Beginner : 56 fields, 10 mines.

-Intermediate : 256 fields, 40 mines.

-Expert (most difficult) : 496 fields, 99 mines.

You can also create games customized with a custom height and width and a custom number of leads.

The smiley face is the little face that reacts to the player's actions. Most of the time, the smiley face smiles. If the player clicks on a square where there is no mine, then he makes a surprise face.

If the player finishes the game, then the smiley face will play proud, and if the player clicks on a mine, then the smiley face will play dead. The smiley face also makes it possible to redo a game. To do this, just click on it.


Tips from the online Minesweeper :

The second shot is the riskiest. Indeed, you have 1 chance out of 18 to fall on a mine in a square.icon-mine

But we have to start somewhere. The trick is to first click on a box in the corners of the grid.

Statistically, corners are more likely to avoid a mine.icon-mine You will then see one or more numbers displayed. The trick is to focus on the "1's", especially the numbers that surround individual boxes.

All your high scores in the game are stored on Personal Records. And all the world's best player scores on World's Best Scores.

For the "Expert" level, you may be confronted with more complex situations, so you will have to make assumptions to find the mines.

A certain logic that is acquired over time, and sometimes a bit of luck to win a game.

How do I play Windows Minesweeper ? (Microsoft version)

Artificial Intelligence VS Human

I'll let you practice !