The Minesweeper: Free online minesweeper game

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How to play online Minesweeper ?

As you may know, Minesweeper is one of the standard free games installed on older Windows computers.

The goal of Minesweeper is quite simple, you have to find all the free squares without exploding the mines on the grid. icon-mine

At first, each cell is covered and the player does not know what is hidden under each cell. On the first turn, the player must click with his mouse anywhere on the board. This will show you the cell he clicked on and some of the surrounding cells. Some of these cells have numbers in them.

Left click = release a cell or cells. case-minesweeper
Right click = place a flag on a square. flag-rules-minesweeper
2 Right click = place a clue on a square. index-exemple

The number that appears on the clicked cells indicates how many adjacent mines are nearby: left or right, top or bottom, or in the diagonal cells.


Thanks to the indications given by these numbers, you can know where the mines are located in the cells on the grid.
If a cell indicates "1" and there is only one undiscovered cell nearby, it means that a mine is hidden in that particular place, so you have to put a flag! and so on for "2" and "3", etc... You can deduce that some cells do not contain mines on the board.

The counter at the top left shows the number of mines left to find in the remaining squares and the remaining number of flags to place on the grid.

The counter on the top right is a stopwatch. Your goal as a player is also to finish the deminer game as quickly as possible like in Minesweeper for Windows.

You can choose between three standard game modes with different difficulty levels.

-Beginner: 56 fields, 10 mines.

-Intermediate: 256 fields, 40 mines.

-Expert (the most difficult): 496 fields, 99 mines.

You can also create a game mode personalized with a custom height and width and a custom number of mines.

The different game modes and versions of the online minesweeper have nothing to do with the war movie démineurs (2009) . The game requires reflection and logic from the player, and works with all recent browsers and does not require either nor any particular installation.

The origin of the Minesweeper game created by Microsoft dates back to the 1960s, when the first version was played on mainframe computers. Minesweeper games have been popular since their introduction on the Windows operating system. First appeared on Windows 3.1 systems It is intended to allow the player to master the right mouse click. The online version of Minesweeper (Minesweeper Pro) in front of you is People who want to play with an Internet browser but do not like the randomness of the game. See the complete story

Le démineur fait partie des jeux complètement gratuits et contient quelques annonces. If you have a problem, use the link "Send a comment" at the bottom of this page to let us know about any potential problems or problems or potential improvements to the game.

I'll let you blow all the records at the Minesweeper ! 😁

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